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Decluttering Support

Our decluttering support services are a hands-on option for those looking to simplify their spaces.  Busy families and individuals alike are benefitted by making decluttering decisions on a regular and reoccurring basis.    We are happy to help support your decluttering goals with services such as:

Hoarding Spectrum Assistance

Minimalist & Essentialist Living Solutions

Capsule Wardrobe Planning

One-on-One Decluttering Support

Yard Sale/Moving Preparation

Senior Downsizing

What's the cost?

Decluttering services cost $60 - $75 per hour per organizer, and must be booked in 4 - 6 hour increments, with a minimum commitment of 4 hours for all projects.  For larger projects requiring multiple organizers or working sessions, multi-hour packages may be purchased for up to 20% off.  After initial complimentary consultation, rates include the chosen number of working hours in-home, as well as hauling one car-load of trash or donation items after your session.  

Do you work with hoarding clients?

What does the process look like?

Decluttering support is often scheduled as a one-on-one working session with an organizing staff member.  We will ask you questions that help you make informed, confident decisions.  We understand that most clients do not want to move toward minimalist living, but have a desire to simplify and streamline their home and lives.  We help facilitate the process of deciding what to keep vs. get rid of, and provide emotional support to empower you in your effort to reclaim your space.  Once decisions have been made, we then help determine where to best store items, and remove the items that are no longer serving you, from your home.

What happens with the items I get rid of?

 Yes - we do work with those on the hoarding spectrum.  The process of going through homes of those with chronic clutter can be long and strenuous, but very rewarding!  We work patiently with clients who are experiencing grief related to their home and possessions, with the ultimate goal to create a safe and inviting home. Please note that many hoarding cases may require psychological assistance as well as the help of a professional organizer.

We find that most items that clients are parting with can be recycled, sold, or donated.  We discard or trash items as a last resort in most cases, but will consult with clients on the best way to efficiently remove items from their space.  We frequently call in our trade partners to help with haul away of items that are no longer serving clients.  We are always happy to handle the haul away of trash and recycle items immediately at the completion of each working session.

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