Concierge Services

Our home concierge services are a great, long-term support option for our previous clients.  Once set up, our systems are easy to maintain, and we enjoy checking in to help refresh our previous projects and spaces.  Busy families and individuals alike love the opportunity to reset their home on a reoccurring basis.  We are happy for you to outsource to us.  We are glad to help with services such as:

In-Home Laundry Service

Home Appointment & Services Management

Seasonal Clothing Swap Out & Storage

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Tidying / Home Resets

Small Design & Décor Projects

Virtual / Personal Assisting Tasks

What's the cost?

Concierge Services typically cost between $45-$60 per hour, based on the frequency, location, and task.  Each client home is unique in scope of work. We create a customized plan to optimize our services in helping your home function smoothly and effectively.  We are glad to help!

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