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Moving Assistance

Our Moving Assistance can be as comprehensive as you prefer.  We are happy to assist with small portions, or the entire process, as you prepare to sell, move, or get settled into your place.  We are pleased to offer the following services:

Pre-Move Decluttering & Staging

Multi-Step Move Management

Senior Downsizing


Packing & Unpacking

New Home Set Up

Moving Day Concierge


What's the Cost?

Moving Assistance will cost between $60 - $75 per hour, and must be booked in 4 - 6 hour increments, with a minimum commitment of 4 hours for all projects.  For comprehensive moving assistance, including full packing and new home set up, package discounts are available up to 20% off.

How can you help before my move?

We are happy to assist in many ways before you leave your current home.  Once you've decided to move, we can help you declutter and stage your home if you are listing it to sell.  Once decluttered, we are happy to pack your entire home as efficiently as possible, making it easy to unpack at your new location.   On a much larger scale, we provide full move-management for a completely stress-free experience.  We take care of all parts of the process - all packing, vendor management, unpacking, and new home set up.  We are happy to work with Realtors and other moving professionals, providing clients with a complete turn-key opportunity to enjoy their new space.

Can you help unpack and set up my new home?

Of course!  We look forward to the opportunity to set up your new home.  We provide basic unpacking services, as well as complete New Home Set Up services that include the implementation of organizing products to optimize your new spaces.  Moving in is a great time to set up foundational systems that will set up your new home for efficiency and success.


What is Moving Day Concierge Service?

No matter how much you plan, moving days can always go a bit sideways or askew from what you planned.  Our Moving Day Concierge is your go-to person for one of your most busy days.  We provide all-around assistant services on the day of your move, and we're ready to help - we set up hand towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies at the new house;  we make sure family members and movers have food and drinks throughout the day; we wait for vendors providing installation services; we make sure everyone has a bed made and ready to go at the end of the day.  If you want to manage most parts of your move on your own, but just need to outsource some specific tasks on move day, we're ready to help!



Can you help with Long Distance Moves?

We would love the opportunity to discuss helping with your long distance or cross-country move.  Our team is experienced in helping coordinate all of the logistics involved with setting up your home in another state.  We will take the entire process off your plate, if preferred, by arranging moving companies and dates, local service provider appointments, packing and unpacking, art and services installation, organizational opportunities, etc.  We are happy to provide a complete turn-key experience, whether local or afar.  We're happy discuss travel options as well.


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