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Organizing Services

You deserve to be comfortable in every area of your home.  We work with our clients to implement systems that make daily activities run smoothly.  We are proud to offer organization services that include but are not limited to: 

Whole Home Resets

Space Planning/Optimization

Closet & Pantry Design


Collections/Keepsakes/Photo Storage

Paper Management & Filing Systems

Seasonal Decor Set Up & Storage


What's the cost?

Organizing services cost $60 - $75 per hour per organizer, and must be booked in 4 - 6 hour increments, with a minimum commitment of 4 hours for all projects.  For larger projects requiring multiple organizers or working sessions, multi-hour packages may be purchased for up to 20% off.  After initial complimentary consultation, rates include the chosen number of working hours in-home, as well as time spent shopping for needed supplies, time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions, arranging appointments with other service providers, and hauling trash or donation items after your session.  Projects always include light cleaning of the designated space, and work sessions are charged in quarter hour increments.

What does the organization process look like?

All organizing projects start with a complimentary consultation, either virtually or in-person.  We will look over your space and talk through your concerns.  We will ask questions such as "what are your goals for your space?", "How much money would you like to invest in systems/bins/baskets?", "Do you want to work alongside your organizer?".  We will then give you an estimate of how long each particular project will take, and speak more about  pricing and scheduling options.  After answering all client concerns, we will provide you with a copy of our working contract.  We want you to make an informed decision.


Are you going to make me get rid of my stuff?

It depends on what your goals are, but we will never "make" you. When organizing, our job is to help you sort the items you have, and arrange them in a way that functions best for you.  If you would like to downsize your possessions, we will ask questions that help you make informed, confident decisions in what to keep.  In our world, decluttering and organizing are two separate tasks, but often go hand in hand.  Decluttering may be necessary to achieve your goals, but we always work with clients to create a realistic work plan that optimizes their space.  The entire organization process is completely judgement free.  We've seen it all.  Life happens and things get overwhelming  - we are just glad to be able to help you reclaim your space.


Will you help plan products and aesthetics of the space?

Where can I find photos of your work?

Yes - often times the success of long-term sustainability for a system relies on using certain products to both categorize and optimize space.  We always remind clients that something does not have to look perfect to be organized, but creating visual continuity will reduce visual overwhelm.  If you are interested in a particular aesthetic or decorative look for your space, we will create a product plan that is both visually pleasing and functional.  We also welcome using products that clients already have on hand, and can use certain products in other spaces, or for other projects throughout the home. 


We invite you to take a look at all of the transformations and before/after photos on our Instagram:



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